Why All or Nothing Attitude is very Dangerous

Do you seem to like it’s a consistent battle to eat well and work out? Or are you having a hard time to build a fit and healthy body? If there was a trump card that could assist you to achieve results, this is it.

Before we analyze this “ace in the hole” let’s first take a look at the technique many individuals (you?) require to lose fat, get fit, or just enhance their health. They adopt the all or nothing method to fitness. Here’s how this would look on a spectrum:

The all or nothing health and wellness spectrum

All or nothing

Look familiar? The majority of people ping-pong in between both extremes. They do it “all” completely (e.g., follow their diet plan without deviation, do every workout as written, etc.) or they do “absolutely nothing” whatsoever (e.g., eat badly, skip workouts).

The all or nothing method isn’t just flawed– it’s harmful. The “all” end can lead to fascination (some might binge consume, establish disordered eating habits, use the workout as a penalty, and so on), embarrassment and guilt (from being not able to sustain such a stiff methodology), and naturally frustration from never reaching one’s objectives. The “absolutely nothing” end is, well, where you don’t do a thing; you don’t exercise routinely or make smart food choices. Because you’re not “doing the plan” you choose not to do anything.

How All or Absolutely nothing Results in Failure

Let’s examine the “all” end of the spectrum further. This is when you’re kicking ass, bursting with inspiration, and committed to “finally” accomplishing your objectives. You perform your scheduled workouts. You eat your salad like a champ. You do not differ the list of enabled foods and effectively decline those your diet plan states to prevent. You are all in.

However, hell, exactly what occurs when your kid has a last minute activity that needs you to miss your exercise? Exactly what if you get sick and have to miss out on an exercise, 2, or three? This thwarts you, and your momentum and motivation plunges. That missed workout or 2 become a month of missed out on workouts. You are now not doing anything.

You’re strong in the beginning, but then you see an ice cream you’ve never seen before. “Screw it!” you said as you wrap your fingers around the cold, scrumptious dessert sandwich of the gods.

Fast forward minutes later on and you’re eating other things you declared to avoid. You currently screwed up and went off your diet plan as you discovered how lots of bites it would require to reach the Oreo in the holy-shit-that-was-amazing ice cream sandwich, so you might as well keep on going, right?

You understand exactly what occurs next. You’re filled with guilt and shame. You went off another diet plan. You’re simply not strong enough. You’re predestined both not to slim down or get fit. Rather of returning on track tomorrow you’re overwhelmed with regret and, once again, state “Screw it” and continue to earn less than perfect food options.

You have rapidly transitioned from all to the inviting, regrettably familiar, despair of nothing. All. Or nothing. You do it all correctly– make great choices at every meal and snack, and complete every exercise– or you do not do a damn thing.

Do you know why the all or absolutely nothing technique is a dish for disastrous failure? You can’t win. You just can’t maintain the “all in” method, without stop working, permanently. So why would you even attempt? Why would you set yourself up for failure from the start?

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