How to Reprogram Yourself To Think Healthy

Changing your state of mind really can change you from the inside out.

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Wish you could alter your dress size by changing your mindset? You can. The secret is to devote to transforming self-judgement into self-love. A lot of people have a complicated relationship with their looks, formed by past hurt, fear, regret, anger or frustration. However, that relationship can be fixed in 4 actions, which all work to challenge negative feelings and alter the way you think.

Do you have emotions that you don’t know the best ways to handle, such as anger and aggravation? Most of the time we seek for food. You eat, which raises blood sugar level, and that makes you feel better in the short-term. However, it can become a self-punishing experience:

You feel bad, have done something bad, and you’re going to punish yourself by doing more of it.

Action 1: Ask yourself, “Are you starving or mad?”
Recognize unresolved negative emotions and how they affect your self-esteem and consuming habits. Focus on improving your self-confidence, defending yourself and setting much better borders.

“Ask, ‘Am I hungry or upset or sensation bad about myself?'” Segal says. If you’re experiencing an emotion, concentrate on that feeling and how it’s impacting you. “When an intense sense comes up that you feel uncomfortable handling, start to acknowledge it within 24 hours since whatever we resist persists.”

Step 2: Release the feeling
When you identified an intense feeling, release it. One strategy is to do workout such as running, boxing or dancing. If you’re angry, shake your body, dance around, feel and breathe! Use motion as an emotional release.

Or put on some music. Pay attention to a song that talks to you about that emotion, breathe through that sensation and recognize exactly what it means. Ask yourself, where is this emotion originating from? The past or present? It could be from prior injury or future concerns, which are typically fear-based. Give that emotion a color, say gray, and imagine that color moving out of your body with your breath. Then picture a color that makes you feel much better, such as yellow, and imagine drinking that color into your body to replace the unfavorable feeling.

Position your hands where you feel the feeling most, like your stomach, and ask yourself why you’re feeling it. Recognizing where it’s originating from makes a huge distinction. Massage or tap that part of the body then put on an unfortunate song, acknowledge that emotion and permit yourself to let it go.

Action 3: Discard old methods
We attract exactly what we feel we deserve into ourselves. If deep down you’re feeling inadequate and useless, you’ll enable individuals to treat you that way. Reject perfectionism and make sure making time for yourself is an everyday necessity rather than a high-end. Remember that being gentle, kind to yourself will lead to happiness.

Think: How would you treat your best friend and think about applying that to yourself.
Step 4: Embrace self-love
How do you take self-love after years of harsh self-criticism has become your standard? By embracing softness. Treat yourself with empathy and compassion. Develop a list of healing experiences that make you feel supported, from meditating to overtaking a pal. Include exercise and healthy food choices to the home cooking you may usually rely on.

Stand in front of a mirror and search for positive instead of unfavorable qualities.

For more information on how to have a positive healthy thinking, watch this video: