Few Daily Habits to Avoid the FLU

It’s a common understanding that many people even Athletes may get ill. No matter how much we take care of the body, the immune system is sometimes down. Common practice is to go to the Doctors and get a prescription, take medicine again and again.

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You can avoid The Flu with Natural Formula. Discover the Organic Green Juice which will boost your immune system combine with your Diet Plans.

Oregano Oil Capsules.
Great for the immune system, anti-bacterial and helpful for solving upper breathing problems. It was proven to recover on your food digestion.

Quality is extremely important here! If it’s low-grade, you aren’t getting the benefits, Designs for Health – Oil of Oregano, was recommended by a doctor.

POWERFUL CLEANSING BENEFITS: Oil of Oregano has powerful antioxidant and intestinal cleansing benefits. It also helps to maintain a healthy microbial balance.
It also helps to maintain a healthy microbial balance.
-One daily with breakfast

Green Juice.
Make a healthy green, smoothie every day for breakfast. This is a simple method to get in a lot of whole food nutrition that the body can quickly soak up.

Grabbed a “shot” at the farmer’s market of turmeric, wheat grass, and ginger. Spicy.
— a minimum of 1 daily.

Vega Chlorella Tablets.
A super packed source of chlorophyll which is a superfood due to its high protein content and nutrition. Chlorophyll is known to help promote healing, cleaning, and possibly even safeguard your body from some of the damage triggered by consuming unhealthy foods!

It also promotes healthy iron levels, which was a bonus offer for people on a more vegetarian diet plan, so this kept my energy up!
— as much as five tablets spread throughout the day of Vega.

Drink Up.
Beyond remaining well hydrated, drink more of Vega Electrolytes to guarantee you remain entirely mineral well balanced if you are planning to go back into training and ultra.

If you are a fan of a Tea: switched over to Yogi Echinacea Immune Support Tea. If you got a little stuffy or a runny nose and the combo of herbs seems to work well

Yes, you require it when you are sick, but you need LOTS when you are attempting to keep your immune system strong to prevent getting sick. If you think you don’t have time for a full night of sleep, wait till you have to take a 5-7 day of rests because you are so ill you can’t move.

Pick up some essential oil called calm and ease, which is supposed to promote terrific sleep.
— minimum 6 hours.

Vitamin D and C, Detox Bath.
Potentially everybody’s favorite from all the concepts because this includes sitting in a big hot bath. Completely relaxing result.

hot water, Epsom salt, ginger, baking soda, lavender essential oil

You wish to fully immerse yourself in this bath for a minimum of 20 minutes. The included ginger can help to induce some extra sweat. However, it’s not needed.
— 1 time a week.
Detox bath can help avoid influenza

Caution: ALL OF THESE TOGETHER can clean the body That indicates if you have not done these before, DO NOT do them entirely or you will feel a bit like having influenza as your body detoxes.

For more information on how to boost immune system, watch this video: