Healthone has continuously provided quality health care to Americans since 2001. As one of the aspiring health maintenance organizations (HMO) in the united States, it has a mission to provide comprehensive and quality healthcare services available and affordable to Americans. To date, it has paid over more than a million in health care benefits to its members. Equipped with confidence and fueled with passion, Healthone continues to be among the top HMOs in the country.

As a customer-oriented organization, Healthone offers an array of medical programs and services that best suit the diverse needs and means of its clientele from all walks of life. The company understands that healthcare must be affordable to be responsive. With this, Healthone remains to be the HMO of choice not only of individuals but employers as well.

Committed in providing first-rate and all-inclusive healthcare services, the company gives utmost importance to exclusively attending to the outpatient needs of its members. Thus, it holds the distinction of having the widest network of company-owned clinics strategically located nationwide. To further strengthen its service delivery platform, Healthone has spun-off HEALTHPROTECT, INC. as a wholly owned subsidiary to manage and operate its clinics.

Moreover, the company boasts of a network of over thousand of medical and dental specialists and sub-specialists guaranteed to serve its members. It has affiliated more than hundred of the best-equipped and most prestigious medical institutions, clinics and service units nationwide. Indeed, Healthone members are served no less than the best and most comprehensive medical assistance wherever they are in the states.

Healthone Network acknowledges the needs and priorities of its valued members. In view of this, the company assures that it delivers fast, reliable and complete customer service through its employees, provider network and various other delivery channels. It continuously upgrades its medical facilities. Likewise, it constantly improves its service delivery and range of healthcare products through regular training and constant research and development.

Healthone Network has fully-computerized its operations to keep up with the rapidly changing technology. It has fully-developed an integrated system, for faster and more efficient processing of transactions. Moreover, it has made its services more responsive through its hotline service, fulfilling its commitment to total quality service for its valued clients – 24/7.

Above all, Healthone Network persists in exerting great effort to reach beyond the expectations of its members and achieve excellent results. Motivated by the goal of building a healthier world for a brighter tomorrow, the company continues to fulfill its duty of rendering reasonable, efficient and high-quality healthcare service to each and every Americans.



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