We Can help you reach your Health Goals

Our training and help center is a place where individuals come to be fit, drop weight, discover how to work out right, learn how to live much better, consume much healthier, supplement as well as only really feel remarkable! All this belongs to every program. No trends. No tricks. Simply real life in-the-trenches scientific research!

We’re here to assist you to Get to where you want to go, anytime of the day!

Visit our page and APPLY what you read – that’s all you have to do.

Exactly how do you do that? By supplying you with services and also extensive incorporated programs. This indicates tailored training, nourishment and also dish preparation, correct supplements, and also grocery store buying scenic tours. We construct these right into a plan-of-action that integrates cardio and also resistance training, flexibility/mobility training, and also specialist mentoring all involved one total strategy particularly made for you!

I hope you find whatever you need to reach your objectives at Health One Network page.

24 hours a Day

How You Benefit

This service offers toll-free telephone access to experienced registered nurses, 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. It includes an immediate and reliable source for health and medical information. It also provides confidential medical counseling to help you make informed decisions about the medical care you receive. Plus, other valuable information such as:

  • Access to an audio library of over 450 health related topics.
  • Self care techniques for common symptoms.
  • Explanation on what to expect during a medical test.
  • Help from a registered nurse who can answer questions regarding:
    • Diagnostic and surgical procedures
    • A recently diagnosed medical condition
    • Prescription and over the counter medication information.
  • All calls are answered by a medical service representative and transferred to a registered nurse with the appropriate knowledge.
  • All calls are kept confidential.

nurse on the phone with paitent at health one network
*Medifile Benefits is the provider for the Medifile nurseline services.

How To Use Your Program
Simply call and ask to speak with a registered nurse regarding your medical question.