How to Reprogram Yourself To Think Healthy

Changing your state of mind really can change you from the inside out. Wish you could alter your dress size by changing your mindset? You can. The secret is to devote to transforming self-judgement into self-love. A lot of people have a complicated relationship with their looks, formed by past hurt, fear, regret, anger or […]

Sandra Stewart: The Author’s Personal Diet Plan

I listed some tips for you that I learned through my journey: Please note I am not a physician or dietitian, just a regular person like you. This is my individual experience, and discipline. Please share! # 1– Eat adequate food! Your body cannot function without it’s fuel! You require a MINIMUM of 1200 calories […]

Top 10 Routines That Can Assist You Slim down

Making little modifications can make a big difference. Lifestyle is everything…Start now and see how little changes that turn into a habit change you big time. Weight control is everything about making little changes that you can live with permanently. As you include these small changes into your lifestyle, you’ll start to see how they […]

Stop yourself from Overeating

Listen, we’ve all been there. A bite of a donut that turned into a half lots … A glass of wine that turns into a bottle … Burgers at 2 a.m.? Sure, why not. Seems like an outstanding concept. Overindulgence constantly looks like a good idea at the time. However, it undoubtedly features a side […]

Few Daily Habits to Avoid the FLU

It’s a common understanding that many people even Athletes may get ill. No matter how much we take care of the body, the immune system is sometimes down. Common practice is to go to the Doctors and get a prescription, take medicine again and again. You can avoid The Flu with Natural Formula. Discover the […]

woman and a barbel

Is Fitness in your NY Resolution a bad Idea?

People love beginning projects that never get finished. We think grand, lofty goals but when we start climbing the mountain of the spectacular objective we desire to conquer, we stop and wonder how far we have to go. We’re aware of the unavoidable barriers and temporary battles. We realize it’s much simpler to stop, turn […]

plant based powders

Is Plant-Based Protein worth the try?

Plant-Based Protein: Think of a plant-based protein as the Hero who comes to the rescue and takes you on a farting-free, diarrhea-free, sweetener-free journey of protein happiness. That makes Whey protein our Hero, who is strong and smart but is susceptible to suffering from psychic attacks. Protein from Plant can be just as potent as […]

Ready to switch red meats to whey protein?

A chicken breast, juicy steak, cartons upon cartons of eggs: these are the important things you consider of when you think of protein. And that’s totally affordable. A typical protein diet plan would reach near-carnivorous levels and comprise of almost all red meat. Now that your body grew larger and more powerful, at times you […]

The Best Solution towards all/nothing Attitude

So the question is: If the all or absolutely nothing approach can just end with failure, what is the response? How can you develop, and maintain, a healthy and fit body? For more background about the All or Nothing Attitude, read this first: Why All or Nothing is very Dangerous Adaptation. The ace in the […]

Why All or Nothing Attitude is very Dangerous

Do you seem to like it’s a consistent battle to eat well and work out? Or are you having a hard time to build a fit and healthy body? If there was a trump card that could assist you to achieve results, this is it. Before we analyze this “ace in the hole” let’s first […]